Marelize’s book is truly inspiring, it speaks to your heart, in a way it ‘forces’ you to acknowledge your hurt. She provides hope and a way forward to help you work through it through the Bible and the insight given therein.

We all hide our hurt, caused by verbal abuse, with something else (masks) and we get so ‘comfortable’ and oddly safe, wearing these masks. I believe that we don’t want to give acknowledgement to these feelings and turmoil in our own lives and secondly, so that nobody else sees it. We brainwash ourselves into thinking that we are alone in our situations, but this cannot be further from the truth.

Truly an awesome book to read and read again. I cannot wait for the English version, “Adam killed Eve”, to be published. There are so many women and men that will benefit and find hope and solace in what the book offers.

Thanks Marelize, you are a blessing!